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May 17, 2008




Sat May 17, 2008, 9:05 PM
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Concord Dawn - Broken Eyes
  • Watching: Planet Earth
  • Drinking: Pepsi!, because I'm a pepsi man

  So yeah it's been a while since I've updated my journal so let me fill you in.  I recently went to Ottawa with a few close buddies of mine and had a ball of a time!. I bought my new Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 lens which I must say is awesome!. The only thing I don't like about it is the massive vignetting it produces at f/2.8 when shoot scenes with clear skies but once I drop it down to 3.5 it clears up quite a bit.  I bought a polarizing filter with it as well, it's an essential!. I also precured a Sekonic Light Meter, it's a little old but it does the trick. Can't wait to try it out on my next photo shoot. Right now I'm saving up for a top mounted flash for my camera so I should get that within a month or two.

  As far as my personal life goes, I'm still single so if there are any ladies in Montreal who are into photography please come hither! lmao. But seriously single life is good for the moment, gives me time to dedicate a good portion of time to improve my photography and procure models. I'm going to Sherbrooke next week so I'll be taking some nice nature shots like the ones I've posted nearly a week ago.

  My creative composition class is going great! I just love it!.  People are so passionate about photography I feel uber awesome to be around them. Though I must admit, I shoot my best when I'm alone with my headphones on :P, less distracted.  There is this girl in my class and I have yet to know her name! I dunno why!, I know everyone else's but hers I don't :(. Her eyes are just... wow... She has these really light blue eyes but almost transparent in a way... I get lost looking at her, quite distracting! ^_^.  But I'm learning a lot!.

  I'm going to Picnik Electronique tomorrow at Parc Jean Drapeau with a few friends so that'll be fun!. My type of music, my friends... and a few bruskies!, what more can a guy ask for? lol. Well there is a lot more.. look at Lex Luthor from Smallville!. That show is f*ckin' good!, it's getting serious, but now I'll have to wait for the season premier in...October? bah...  

  Oh yes!, I'm going to Washington DC in July!!!!!!, I'll try not to stand out too much with my tripod and my camera taking shots all around the city at night. I'll make sure to have my Canadian flag patch stitched to my bag and I should be all right :D. I really don't want trouble with the local authorities there... you know.. post 9/11? black guy? with a thing shaped kinda like a shotgun? *ba dum bump!*. Oh and also I've been hired to cover several weddings of some friends of mine, one in October, November and January!. The one in January is extra super special because we used to work at the same job but he got this government job which pays pretty well so.... he's flying me to Nicaragua to cover his wedding with his beautiful wife to be!. I was quite shocked when he told me this, first of all that he's getting married and second that he's flying me there on his dime! like.. wow he must really like my work eh?. I'm excited to the max!.

  My family is doing pretty well but my grandmother is having a bad time, she's not in the best of shape right now so I'm going to pass by on Monday to see how she's doing and bring her some groceries if she needs. I love my family but I need to show it more... I could do more, we all can!. Cuz when the shit goes down.. who's most probably going to be there?, family!. So cherish them when you can and be the best relative you can be :)

I'm happy

To infinity and beyond!

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IzzyWinkle Featured By Owner May 20, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Omg. I dont think I have the attention span to read this all, god :D Im so happy your having fun. and yes I will read this all one day XD
Im glad ur classes are doing well and Im sure your having a great time :heart: woot
I hope your grandma gets better tho D: Tell her Izzy loves her.
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